Historic theater layout "Petrovskyaa Akvatoria" – is an ambitious new interactive project that has no analogues in Russia and abroad!

Theatre layout "PETROVSKAYA AQUATORIA" will open its doors in mid-2014 on the sixth floor of the TRC " Admiral", located above the subway station " Admiralteiskaya". In area of 500 m2 will take place a unique exhibition – layout reconstruction of the most important sights of St. Petersburg of XVIII century made in 1:87 scale.

The layout consists of several parts: Vasilevsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress, the Admiralty, Peterhof, Kronstadt, Oranienbaum (now with the lost fortress "Peterstadt"). The uniqueness of the exhibition is that here you will see the reconstructed recreated buildings and monuments that have been lost, they have been carefully examined by archival documents, engravings, descriptions of historians. Each part of the layout will be not only buildings and other architectural structures, also will be presented to the audience scenes from the life of the citizens of the 18th century, including the most interesting historical events.

The layout is fully interactive, which means that you can see the movement of the characters, carriages, ships, changing seasons and time of the day ,to hear the sounds of a miniature orchestra or shots guns on ships. We invite children and their parents, pupils, students, residents and guests of St. Petersburg, anyone who wants to dip into the history of our beautiful city!

Petrovskyaa Akvatoria