Cultural Forum 2014 will be dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the State Hermitageand will open on the birthday of the great Museum - December 7.

III Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum concludes the Year of Culture in Russia and in its programme of events formulates and implements the basic ideas of the development of culture in the modern world. The center of this conceptualization should be the understanding of man as the subject, that creates culture and at the same is created by culture. The formula that became the name (and motto) of the Forum - "People. Culture. World" –conveys that idea.Culture reveals the bond between man and the world Modern times call the man to define his place and role.Outside of culture (if culture is rooting) this process is ghostly and baseless.

Today culture is not so much a cultural heritage or traditional values, as it is usually seen.Culture as a person's realization of identity becomes a key of the answer to all informational, economic and social challenges of modernity. Today it’s culture that ensures obtaining strategic advantages in the field of economic, social and cultural development, or in other circumstances it can be a destabilizing and inhibitory fact. Culture is a clot of anthropological factorsthat form the image of the a society, its competitiveness, intellectual and economic level.