Karelia, Petrozavodsk & Kizhi

Karelia – it is the epic poem “Kalevala” and ancient rock carvings, that present the majestic examples of ancient Russian architecture.

Many beautiful photos were taken here, but they are not able to convey the whole gamut of feelings that these places evoke in the traveler. Fabulous taiga forests, transparent lakes, pristine nature, an abundance of historical and architectural monuments – all this must be seen with your own eyes.

The Russian North is a treasury of wooden architecture. The unique tradition of vernacular wood construction has been highly developed and preserved there. The bright example of this is the largest museums under the open air is KIZHI museum, the collection of which includes 83 wooden architecture monuments.

Diuim DMC (Destination Management Company)

Diuim DMC (Destination Management Company)


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