Incentive ideas

Incentive ideas

Gala receptions, theme parties and costume balls in the Imperial Palaces. Feel yourself creams of Nobble society or even the Tsar’s family member.

Exclusive early or late visit to the world-famous museums. DIUIM will open for you the doors of the museums when they are closed to the regular public. Just you and Art masterpieces.

Backstage theatre visit. DIUIM invites you to experience the atmosphere of theatre life, looking the life of the theatre inside. You will see costumes, rehearsal halls, and rehearsal with actors or musicians, feel the smell of curtains.

Kalashnikov shooting sessions. Automat Kalashnikov is one of the symbols of Russia along with vodka and caviar. You will take part in the shooting dession in the modern shooting range, the winner will get a special prize, model of automat Kalashnikova.

Military helicopter and hot air balloon rides. An unique opportunity to view St. Petersburg by air.

Kite skating on Finnish Gulf. St.Petersburg is beautiful all seasons. Enjoy fresh air and crystal white snow , following your kite.

Matryoshka painting. The guests will get plain Matryoushka, a traditional wooden doll and under tuition of professional artists and inspired by own imagination create their own, unique doll.

Ice and sand sculpture master class, create your own masterpiece in the surrounding of parks or historical venues.

Cooking master class, Professional chef will teach the guests to cook the traditional Russian dishes in one of the best restaurants of St. Petersburg,

Master Class in the circus. In the company of circus actors, magicians, clowns, air gymnasts, acrobats the quests will try their skills and courage at circus arena.

Figure skating master class with the world known couches.

ice hockey game with a professional Russian team. The guests will be divided to mini teams, get a professional sport form and equipment and meet on the ice with a professional Russia team.

Carriage ride in the parks of Catherine’s Palace or Paul Palace.

Painting or sculpture master class.

Picnics and BBQ in the parks.

Diuim DMC (Destination Management Company)

Diuim DMC (Destination Management Company)


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